New College vs. Ringling College flag football showdown in Sarasota

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SARASOTA, Fla. – One of the biggest football rivalries on the Suncoast took place Sunday.

Hundreds went out to see the New College of Florida take on Ringling College of Art and Design in a flag-football showdown.

The event was held at the New College athletic fields. The two fourth year captains, Michael Long and Hunter Thompson, squared off against each other for the last time Sunday.

The final score: Ringling College pulled out the win at 10-6. The president's of both colleges say the most important part of the game is the spirit in which it is played.

President of Ringling College, Larry Thompson, said “We don't really have major league football teams but we've got an incredible flag football team so it's a great thing to bring spirit out for everybody who belongs to both the campuses.”.

President of New College of Florida, Donal O'Shea, said “It's a rivalry that has been decades in the making. It puts the Seminoles and Gators to shame. There is no larger rivalry in the United States ... probably even in the world!”.

The true winner of Sunday's game was the Visible Men's Academy in Bradenton. Together the teams raised $780.00 for the charter school.