New College students get first look at plane wreck on campus

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SARASOTA - The clean-up continues after this weekend's deadly plane crash on the New College campus. A salvage truck arrived Monday to remove the plane's wreckage from campus, and federal investigators were at the scene taking apart the aircraft's engine.

They hope to get a better understanding of what caused the Sea Wind 3000 plane to go down Saturday afternoon, killing the pilot and injuring one passenger on board.

Many New College students and faculty were also getting their first look today at the remains of that plane and talked about the shocking rarity that occurred there Saturday afternoon.

And it's still the hot topic. “It's kind of strange to see a large pile of charred black material in the crash zone…you are going to talk about,” says professor of history Brendan Goff.

“I think everybody is certainly talking about it and aware of it. There is a real obvious concern for the fellow that was the passenger,” says fencing coach Lawrence Levine.

That passenger, William Jackson, survived. But the pilot, John Ardoyno did not.

“It's terrible what happened to the passenger and obviously what happened to the pilot,” says Officer Chris Rivett of New College Police.

Initial reports say Ardoyno crashed seconds after taking off from Sarasota Bradenton International Airport -- an airport separated from New College by a fence.

“Living right next to an airport, you know that there a risk of that happening, but you still don’t think it will really happen. It was definitely a surprise,” says student Cole Ingram.

A surprise that could have been a lot worse.

“It could have been far more horrible if it crashed into a bunch of students or a building with a bunch of students. It would have brought a whole new level of sadness in this situation,” says Levine.

According to a school spokesperson, there were counselors available Monday for students who may have witnessed the crash.

At last check, Jackson remains at Tampa General in critical condition with 2nd and 3rd degree burns covering his body.

The NTSB is investigating the crash and a preliminary report should be available within the next two months.