New American citizen watching events closely in Egypt

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SARASOTA - The fact that Tampa-based U.S. Immigration Services Officer Jeff Bohn missed a line in the Pledge of Allegiance didn't bother Jacklen Khalil of Egypt. She's just happy to be here.

"Today is a big day for me to be an American citizen," she said.

Jacklen is among the 75 new citizens sworn in at the Aslo Theater Monday afternoon.  But she may be one of the few who is worrying about the safety of her loved ones back home

"It's unsafe because the Muslim brotherhood goes to the streets with guns and makes us not safe," she says.

Khalil says, make no mistake, this isn't coup--it's terrorism by the Muslim Brotherhood.

"Our people needs to get rid of them because they're violent, they make terror to us. They burn our churches. They make us not live in peace," she said.

Despite the possible danger, she plans to go over and support her brother and sister next month. But when she goes, she'll have her new naturalization paperwork with her, one good thing in her life right now.

"I'm really happy."

This was the first Naturalization Oath Ceremony held in Sarasota. It's usually held in Tampa.