Neighbors worried after three mobile home fires in one park

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BRADENTON - Two days have gone by and still no answers as to who set three vacant mobile homes on fire in the Aloha Estates community in Bradenton. All three fires happened within hours of each other Saturday.

The investigation is now in the hands of the state fire marshal's office. It's a case that residents want wrapped up quickly before another mobile home goes up in flames.

“We don't know who did this. We have no clue. We just have to wait and see,” says Aloha estates manager Manuel Aldana.

That wait-and-see mode has many of the 500 residents at Aloha Estates growing impatient.

Aldana returned to work Monday, trying to put out fires by easing those concerns as best he can. “I can just say to them that things happen. You just have to move on and contunue your life.”

It's not that easy, says John Dequinzio, a resident at Aloha for the last 13 years. “I'm just a little nervous about going to sleep at night. I keep looking out my window to see if I can spot any characters that I have not seen before.”

This is the first time Dequinzio has seen a crime like this happen at Aloha Estates, which is located near the intersection of 14th Street West and 53rd Avenue West. He has a message for the person or people responsible. “I hope they catch you before you kill somebody, burn someone up in one of those trailers. I don't know what state of mind this person is in that would do something like this.”

Anyone with information on these arsons is asked to call 877-NO-ARSON. Cash rewards are being offered to anyone with tips that can lead authorities to an arrest.

Altogether, around $40,000 in damages was done in the fires, according to authorities. We are told all three trailers are owned by the park, and people have not been living in them for years.