Neighbors forced to relive nightmare of home invasions

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SARASOTA - Though Delmer Smith has been sentenced to death for Kathleen Briles’ murder in Terra Ceia, he has also been linked to several other violent home invasions in the area – including an upscale Sarasota neighborhood where residents vividly recall the fear they felt four years ago.

Pat Hanley recalls all too well how it feels to live in fear after her neighbor was brutally attacked four years ago in mid-town Sarasota.

Delmer Smith was sentenced to death Tuesday for an incident where he killed a woman in Manatee County. He was also linked to the home invasion on Hanley's street and several others in the area South Poinsettia neghborhood.

"He had no mercy, so I have no mercy for him," Hanley said after hearing about the death sentence.

Hanley and countless others in the area lived in fear while someone was terrorizing the region with brazen home invasions.

Spencer Hanley recalls the night he walked out of his parent's house during the peak of the manhunt and he was nearly tackled by police.  "They wouldn't take my word for it until they escorted me inside and said, 'Does this person live here?' Yeah, that's my son," he recalls his mother saying.

Pat says all the extra security remains in place since adding it to her house four years ago.  "Now a lot of us have spotlights on 'em, and I'm sure you can see them from space," she said.