Neighbors complain of rat outbreak at former Longboat Key resort

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LONGBOAT KEY, Fla. - The Colony Beach and Resort on Longboat Key has been closed for four years, but there may be some unwelcome residents living there.

It was once a sprawling resort, the one President Bush was staying at on the morning of 9/11. But for the last four years, it has been abandoned…except for the rats.

Neighbors have been complaining that the rodents have moved in and taken over. And solving the "rat" issue, begins with those responsible for the property in the first place.

"The condo association is the one that we hold primarily responsible; they're the ones who have put the bonds up, and they are the ones that we are holding responsible for taking care of this problem," says Longboat Key town manager David Bullock.

How does a problem such as this even start? "One of the things that happens when a development like that is deteriorating, is you get all sorts of pest and vermin and whatnot; there’s bees, rodents of all kinds. There are things of all kind running around feeding on the deteriorating buildings," says Bullock.

The big question now is how to get rid of those pesky animals? David Pomfret, the president of Fahey Pest Management, says it will be very difficult. "It would be a difficult job, it would be time consuming…because of no maintenance, there is no pressure put on the rodents, and that’s one of the keys to controlling rodents -- to take away some of their harborage, their food, to take away the environment they are comfortable to live in.”

ABC 7 reached out for comment from the condo association president. So far we have not heard back.