Neighborhood biker bar shut down in Bradenton

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BRADENTON, Fla. -- What would you do if a motorcycle club moved into a home in your neighborhood and started throwing loud, wild parties? That's exactly what happened along the 2500 block of 4th Street East in Bradenton.

The Crazy Horse Motorcycle Club was a place where club members would gather to party and let off steam on the weekends. The private club often booked live bands and accepted beer and liquor deliveries by the truck load.

“It would go from Friday until early Monday morning and the bikes would come through all hour of the night and early morning,” says nearby resident Angela Mackey.

The clubhouse used to be a private home and is located in the middle of a neighborhood and residents say the bikers had no respect for others especially when they were leaving the clubhouse often lining up down the street to leave as a group.

“Vroom, vroom, vroom,” mimicked Penny Pearson, pretending to be reviving a motorcycle throttle. “They believed in revving up those engines,” Pearson told ABC 7.

Bradenton biker club shut down

“It woke everybody up in the neighborhood. It was very much unbearable,” said Mackey.

The clubhouse has been operating in the residential neighborhood for 14 years and neighbors were unable to get any help with the problem.

“When you would call the cops they would come by and they would go and speak to them and when they would leave it would go right back to the same thing,” said Mackey.

“That was habitual. This is something they would do every Friday night. That is alright in a commercial establishment, but this isn't a commercial establishment, this is a residential neighborhood,” explained Manatee County Commissioner Michael Gallen. He met with neighbors and worked for over a year and a half in an attempt to get the county code enforcement department to take action.

“I kept getting no resolution. The county, a couple of times they closed the case and I had to push to reopen it,” he told ABC 7.

Gallen did his own research and kept pushing county staff.

“I found out this fit the definition of a drinking establishment and that includes bottle clubs and bring your own bottle clubs and all those are unlawful in a residential neighborhood.”

He presented the evidence collected which was enough for a judge to sign off on an inspection notice.

“It showed commercial activity, definitely drinking activity, a bar scene and sexually orientated business activity stuff.”

Bradenton biker club shut down

The inspection also found multiple code violations and safety issues inside the old home.

“Not only is there zoning issues, as far as acting as a club and a drinking establishment or a sexual orientated business, but also wiring that was insufficient and structural problems.”

In order to use the building, the owner of the property would first have to bring it up to code but the property owner would not be able to get a permit to use it as a clubhouse in the future.