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'National Proposal Day,' the romantic day you've never heard of

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(WWSB) -- Americans were asked about the most romantic day they’ve never heard of… "National Proposal Day," which is Monday, March 20.

The survey was done by on March 12 with 1,000 participants.

88 percent of American women say they would be open to the idea of proposing, instead of waiting for a man to propose to them. 

Only 19 percent of Americans actually consider it necessary for the man to get down on one knee when proposing. 

The survey asked married Americans how they proposed or were proposed to. The top two were:

  • In front of friends and family
  • The place where they had their first date

There was a tie for how Americans prefer to be proposed to:

  •  At the place where they had their first date
  •  During a romantic getaway, just the two of them