Multiple trials granted for Rod Frazier

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BRADENTON, FL--  Former Manatee High School Assistant football coach Rod Frazier will be spending a lot of time in court.  A circuit court judge rule instead of lumping all his charges into one case they will heard at separate trials.

"I feel that its a waste of time," said the mother of one of the alleged victims in the Rod Frazier investigation.  She's responding to the latest development in the case.  She asked us to keep her identity to private protect her and her family.  

"It's going to be the same people testifying at each separate trial, having to say the same things over and over again," the victims mom added.

12 Circuit Judge Doug Henderson ruled to separate the 10 counts filed against the former high school football coach into 8 different trials. According to the ruling the 7 counts of battery and 3 counts of interference with the attendance of a student were unfairly joined together and deserve their own trials.  A move Frazier's attorney is applauding.

"What the state wanted to do is try them together because that looks like a big deal and a bad thing.  So, now they will have to take every case and the will have to rise and fall on their own facts," said attorney Eddie Mulock.

Frazier is accused of having inappropriate contact with several former Manatee County Students and staff members, with the allegations spanning a six year time period. Mulock says because of the multiple accusers, trying the cases together could have prevented a fair trial.  "The cases are different in a lot of ways and this is not an episode of cases there just one episode in each one. I think now this will ensure that Mr. Frazier will get a fear trial"

But one case or eight, the alleged victims mom says she's confident Frazier's actions speak for themselves.

"Grabbing someone's backside, smacking somebody's backside, rubbing your hand down somebody's breast, those are all sexual in nature and there's too many teacher witnesses and to many people who actually witnessed incidents.

So far no date has been set for the 8 trials.