Mother protests for new investigation into son's death

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NORTH PORT - A local mother is on what she calls a mission for justice, saying the North Port Police investigation into her son's death was flawed. The group held a protest, hoping another law enforcement agency will take a second look at the case.

"When I did go back to work, I couldn't do it, because that's where I was notified of his death," says Stacey Valdez.

For the past five months, Valdez says she's been struggling with the death of her son Miguel Havens.  But her concern isn't so much the death but the unanswered questions surrounding to his passing.

"You got two people blaming each other over my sons death.  No you did it.  No you did it.  Why isn't that taken into consideration? Why aren't they being interrogated?  Why aren't they being asked why are you saying she did it?  Nothing is being done about it, they just want to close it up as a suicide like he's a nobody," said Valdez.

The North Port Police Department ruled her son's death a suicide after finding victim's the body with a gun and a suicide letter written in a text message.  But, Valdez says inconsistencies makes her believe other wise.

"The gunshot wound is either consistent with a murder or a suicide; it could be either.  And why wasn't his hands checked for gun residue?  That would be a tell-tail sign to know if he pulled the trigger," said Valdez.

So we contacted North Port Police, and in a phone conversation Captain Anthony Sirianni said  "We feel for the family.  We have empathy, we have sympathy, we feel horrible that they had to go through this experience.  But none-the-less, the facts have to speak for themselves."

And Sirianni  say those facts don't add up to murder. "We conduct our investigation whether facts that we have and the medical examiners office conducts their investigation with the fact at hand we compare those notes and those two components and both came to the same conclusion that it was a suicide."

But Valdez isn't buying it. So, she's holding weekly protests in hopes getting her son what she called a fair investigation.

"I feel that it's a bogus investigation. I've been told like 5 different lies from the detectives and of course l'm not going to believe him when I've been told nothing but lies.  l'm willing to accept either which way it is but I need proof, I need prove, if they say its a suicide I need proof," said Valdez.

She says her next step is to get a private investigator involved.