Mother arrested after Windex incident with her child

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SARASOTA -A Sarasota woman has been arrested for child neglect after admitting she mixed alcohol and medications the night her child was injured by a man in her house while she slept.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office has arrested 27-year-old Krista Mosley.

The incident happened October 27th when Mosley brought her 6-month-old child to Sarasota Memorial Hospital with cuts to her face and head and covered in Windex.

Detectives arrested 25-year-old Christopher Rounds for Aggravated Child Abuse that day after Mosley and another witness said he was under the influence of K2 and alcohol and the only person awake when the child was injured.

Mosley admitted taking prescribed medication and drinking alcohol before falling asleep the night the baby was injured. A court-ordered urinalysis on October 28 showed Mosley was positive for amphetamines, cocaine and benzodiazepines.

Detectives obtained a warrant charging Mosley with Child Neglect and she was taken into custody Wednesday in Lee County.

The baby has been released from the hospital and is in the custody of relatives.