Mote's high-tech shark catch & release

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SARASOTA - A team of researchers from Mote Marine are heading to Cape Cod next for a month-long project where they'll tag Great White Sharks with satellite tags.

They'll work with a team from Ocearch, which owns a revolutionary boat.

"It's the only ship in the world that can actually lift animals out of the water and let scientists attach tags to their fins, and all kinds of samples that were previously impossible to get from white sharks," said Dr. Nick Whitney, a Staff Scientist for Mote.

Whitney says this is the first time the Great Whites have been fitted with high-resolution satellite tags in the Atlantic. After the sharks are tagged, they're then released back into the water.

This expedition actually began last summer but Mote scientists weren't allowed to get too close. This year they have the permits to get next to the seal colonies where the sharks normally feed. They hope to catch and release 20 sharks.

"It's a rare chance to get hands on a Great White Shark that we're collecting samples for all kinds of studies. Scientists world-wide are collaborating on this," Wihitney said.

Dr. Whitney explained the project to kids who are here for summer camp from around the country--including Jake Barret from Philadelphia who summed the whole thing up like only a kid can.

"That seems pretty cool to put stuff on the shark and see where it goes all the time."