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Mosaic Company purchases land for offsite mitigation

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DUETTE, Fla. -- The Mosaic Company is working on a project called the Myakka River headwaters property, which includes the purchase of land that comprises the headwaters of the Myakka River. Mosaic says their goal is to improve portions of the Myakka River that have been degraded over time.

Mosaic's senior permitting engineer Shelley Thorton says the project involves a two-fold approach. "first there is restoration activity that will occur in the head water myakka river section, which is right behind us. it will be wetland restoration as well as upland restoration."

In addition, Mosaic will place a conservation easement over the entire acreage of the property.

"it allows that land to preserve in perpetuity so no proposed developments or any sort of disturbance can happen to the property."