More pill mills popping up in Georgia

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SARASOTA - Florida's crackdown on so-called pill mills has worked.

Police say new laws have helped drastically cut the number of prescription drug-related deaths and crimes, but the apparent success here has consequences in another state.

Florida is winning the war on pill mills, both locally and statewide. Just ask Major Kevin Kenney with the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office. “There is definitely a decline. I can tell you in 2010 we had 30 clinics and we are down to about half of that now.”

Programs like the statewide Prescription Drug Monitoring Program are making it harder and harder for people to get their hands on drugs like Oxycontin.

It's good news for Florida, but not good news for Georgia. “Displacement is what we expected. Unfortunately, other communities and states are starting to recognize that,” says Major Kenney.

According to the Wall Street Journal, pain clinics are popping up everywhere in the Peach State due to a lack of regulations

In 2010, there were less than 10 pain clinics throughout Georgia. Now, there are close to 125. “It breaks my heart, because I know there will be more and more deaths.”

Lisa Brandy of Sarasota lost her daughter Brandy Meshad to a prescription pill overdose. While she's happy about the accomplishments in her state, she's outraged there's not enough being done in others. “It's sad to see them move north to Georgia and other states, but until there is national reform and some type of national regulation, it is bound to happen.”

Earlier this year, Suncoast Congressman Vern Buchanan proposed a legislation making it even more difficult for people to get highly addictive prescription pills. That law did not pass.