More financial trouble for Manatee County School District

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BRADENTON, FL - Florida's Auditor General has released its findings and recommendations regarding an audit for the Manatee County School District.

The report was done in two parts. The first focusing on district operations and the second on the district's financial and federal obligations. But both show major financial discrepancies.

The audits found a $9.1 million short fall. That figure includes $7.2 million from the district operations audit that went as far back as the 2005 school year.  As well as $1.9 million from the financial and federal audit. In response Superintendent Rick Mills sent us this statement.

"These findings, along with previous operational audit findings, give us a detailed account of the areas that need to be addressed."

The operations audit lists 33 concerns, including issues with bill paying, workers compensation funding and how some contracts were paid.

The financial audit lists an additional 7 areas of questionable costs. Some of those include not adequately documenting charges for the Special Education program and how money was alloted to Title I programs.

The school District has 30 days to respond to both audits. They say the goal is to address many of the auditor general's concerns, in hopes of decreasing the amount owed.

But, Superintendent Mills says despite the audit results they are moving in the direction of fixing their finical problems.

"Our school district is on the right path to fiscal stability and is committed to absolute transparency in all areas. We will work diligently to overcome the costly decisions of the past so we can restore trust and move forward together to the greatness our students and community deserve."

The district will host workshop December 18th to come with their response.