Mixed reaction to slew of new Florida laws

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SARASOTA - From how you drive, to what you do in your free time, the State of Florida has dozens of new laws taking effect Monday. But some wonder how many more laws we need?

Damon Haynes is a big fan of the new Florida law that penalizes drivers who go more than 10 miles an hour under the speed limit in the left lane of multiple-lane highways.  "That's a good law, because too slow holds everybody up," Haynes said.

That's not the only new traffic law in Florida.  Another one eases the right on red law. You still have to stop, but not back at the stop line.

Robin Jackson is an attorney visiting from South Carolina and she agrees with that new law.  "I think that's a good decision because a lot of times from the stop line, you can't see around the corner to see what you might be hitting if you make that right hand turn," she said.

Other new laws effect small business -- with mixed results.

One bans the sale of various pipes that could be used for drugs. Neither of the places we checked in Sarasota wanted to talk about that.

But the Founder of Drum Circle Distilling, Troy Roberts, is pleased at a new liquor law that allows distilleries and breweries to sell their product on site for off-campus consumption. He says that will take the shackles off and enhance revenue.

Frank Alcock is a political science professor at New College of Florida. He says you can blame special interests for pushing many of the laws, and in other cases the new laws modify or abolish antiquated rules.

Either way he's not surprised we get dozens more rules each year since many voters gauge elected officials by how many laws they pass.  "For their internal marketing perspective, they like to tell you where they were.  But they like to tell you they did something and usually what do you do as a lawmaker, well you pass laws, you sponsor laws," Alcock said.

Floridians still have three months to adapt to the new ban on texting and driving. That takes effect October 1st.

A detailed summary of the new laws can be read at http://goo.gl/2mfD8