Missing mail deposit box inconveniences postal customers

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SARASOTA, Fla. - Identity thieves will do just about anything these days to figure out information about you that's meant to stay private, and that includes stealing those large, blue mail deposit boxes outside of the post office. That appears to be exactly what happened at one Sarasota branch location.

On March 3rd, Sarasota resident Dotti Pence dropped off her bills in one of those collection boxes at the Gulf Gate Branch on Ashton Road. A few weeks passed, and her new bills came in the mail -- all with late fees.

Paying her bills on time is something Dotti doesn't mess around with. That's why it was so stunning when her latest bills arrived in the mail. She knew something was fishy, so she called the Postal Inspection Service. The answer they gave her was something she never expected to hear.

She was told that those payments didn't get lost in the mail, they were apparently stolen -- along with the big blue postal box they were in. It happened sometime on or around Sunday, March 3rd.

“How could that happen out in front of a post office?” wonders Dotti, who is now changing all of her bank account and routing numbers.

A new box is now in place at that branch. No one at the Gulf Gate Branch would comment on this story.

If you are in Dotti's shoes and used that same collection box on or around March 3rd, check over your bills as well. If your mail was never received, you are asked to call the Postal Inspection Office at (877) 696-5322.