Mills speaks with Inspector General about proposed investigation

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MANATEE COUNTY-- Superintendent Rick Mills spent Wednesday afternoon discussing a proposed investigation with Mike Blackburn, the Inspector General for the State Department of Education.

Mills is calling for an investigation into the practices relating to finances and possible misconduct carried out by his predecessor, Tim McGonegal and others from 2010 to 2012.

The conversation came within 24 hours of the School Board's unanimous decision to allow the state to investigate them.

It remains unclear if Blackburn's office will open up an investigation.

We stopped by McGonegal's home Wednesday afternoon, in an attempt to ask him about the proposed investigation. He declined to be interviewed.

Mills released the following statement following his conversation:

“We had a 45 minute discussion with the Inspector General in which we explained the justification and rational for our request for an investigation,” said Superintendent Mills. “I believe we made a case that the fallout from the financial calamity that devastated this school district has left on open wound in our community that must be addressed. The Inspector General asked us questions to gain clarity regarding our request, and in the end, asked the district to produce a list of all allegations related to potential policy or statute violations as related to fraud, waste and abuse."