Millions face life with no health insurance

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SARASOTA--For Pamela Mayes and her family, choosing to visit Saturday's free health fair at the Truvine Missionary Baptist Church in Sarasota was a no-brainer.

"It's good to know about your health and exactly like, where you stand," said Mayes, who told us she has very basic health insurance.

Organizers say that's more than most who came to this fair.

"Individuals that are being attracted to this event are individuals for the most part who have no medical insurance and have had poor access because they do not have the financial means to see a physician," said Dr. Steve Mamus, who also says the past two years have been especially difficult, with more and more people having to make tough choices when it comes to healthcare.

"They barely have enough money to live day to day and they have lost in many cases have lost their health insurance," said Mamus.

2012 saw around 48.6 million Americans without health insurance, despite that number being lower than 2011.

And while the Affordable Care Act is now here to stay, Mamus says he believes free fairs like this will see an increase, rather than decrease, in patients seeking help.

"If anything, there may be more of these because people are going to want to know, as these changes are unfolding over this year and next year, how do I actually get an insurance card...if I've never been in the healthcare system before, how do I actually go see a physician?" said Mamus.