8 million Floridians now signed up for TIFF Initiative

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SARASOTA-- Eight million Floridians are now signed up for an initiative started by two Suncoast women. That's 50% of all state residents with a driver's license.

The TIFF Initiative (To Inform Families First) was started by two mothers who lost their daughters in separate car accidents. In both cases, it took authorities up to seven hours to inform the families that their loved ones had died. Karen Mahlios of Siesta key and Christine Olson of Bradenton are those two mothers.

The TIFF Initiative allows Floridian's to list an emergency contact when getting their driver's license. If there is an emergency situation, a law enforcement officer will take the drivers license, scan it using special equipment, and ultimately find out the emergency contact.

Eight other states throughout the country have followed Florida's lead on the initiative.

Even if you have your driver's license, you can still register, by visiting: http://www.toinformfamiliesfirst.org/contact.php