Miley Cyrus performace raises eyebrows

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SARASOTA--The song may be called "Blurred Lines," but the reaction from many has been crystal clear.

"I was completely shocked," said one woman.

"I was just kind of like why are you doing this on live TV?" asked a girl who had watched the performance live.

Sunday night's MTV video music awards saw pop star Miley Cyrus parading around in next to nothing, dancing suggestively with teddy bears, and groping singer Robin Thicke.

"It was way too much, it did not work she's changed a lot," said one woman.

Changes that were giving everyone quite an eyeful.

"The earliest I would want children to even be exposed to that is high school but of course middle school and maybe even elementary school kids are going to see it," said child psychologist Dr. Emily Sheets, who adds that younger kids may have trouble processing a display like this. Especially when the line between innocent and inappropriate is, well, blurred.

"The juxtaposition of the teddy bears with the....sexual acting out kinds of behaviors," said Sheets, "kids have to cope with blurred lines all the time, in blended families, in media messages versus parent messages."

Sheets says parents should take the opportunity to sit down with their kids, and talk about what they say saw. And be prepared to answer any questions their child may have.

"If you don't intervene, that media influence can take over," said Sheets.