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Mexican Madness: a kickboxing workout with a twist

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SARASOTA, Fla. – A Sarasota gym features a unique workout, the self-proclaimed Mexican Madness. It’s a class at Definition Fit that’s sort of like kickboxing with a twist.

One of the more popular classes at Definition Fit, it’s taught by Javier Torres. It is a mixed martial arts class, so it touches on a lot of disciplines.

"Kickboxing one day, boxing the next. You are sore in so many different places. I like it because it's a lot of fun," says client Shanna Riegert.

Not only that, but it is authentic. Lopez hails from Mexico, hence the name Mexican Madness, and he is an actual UFC-MMA fighter.

"It's really cool. You've been taught by a real pro. He's fought so he knows what he is talking about," says client Claudia Marquez.

“I've been in UFC. I got the real thing. I know what really works. That's why they love me, I push them…Mexican Madness!" says Torres.

He also has what you would call stage presence. He was on the Ultimate Fighter reality TV show, and he knows that a successful trainer is one that entertains his charges. "You've got to bring the vibe. I give the best to the people."

"He brings his personality, excitement and vigor. It is more about the instructor much of the time," says Daemian Shannon Mains, owner of Definition Fit.

Not only is it a good physical exercise, but it also comes with a mental release; a chance to get out some aggression. “Love it when he comes with the mitts…it’s fun to punch and kick back," says Riegert.

"He's loco. He's crazy. When it comes to working out, he’s Mexican Madness," says Marquez.

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