Medical marijuana advocate home raided

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MANATEE COUNTY - The fight to legalize marijuana has been highlighted in our culture for many years, and Tuesday that fight came knocking on Robert and Cathy Jordan's door.

"Two police officers came around the corner and started coming up my driveway.  They didn't have their guns out but they had their hands on their guns," said Robert.

The Jordans say the Manatee County Sheriff's narcotics unit entered their home and began looking for and then seized 25 cannabis plants used to treat Cathy's Lou Gerhrig's Disease.

"This is life and death for us. They came here and took Cathy's medicine! They took her medicine! It's no different than taking medicine from a cancer patient," added Robert.

Cathy was diagnosed with ALS back in 1986. At that time she was given a maximum of 5 years to live.  Cathy says she surpassed those expectations with the help of cannabis.  "I know what we are growing is good for me. It wakes my brain up, it makes me think, it relaxes my muscles so I can eat, and calms me down when I get upset, " said Cathy.

She is also the president of Florida Can, an organization fighting to legalize medical marijuana and with the help of Florida Senator Jeff Clemens the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act was introduced and will be voted on.

But regardless of the legal fight Manatee County Sheriff Office says they have to follow the law.  "We received a complaint, we responded, we confiscated the illegal marijuana plants and gave the case to the State Attorney's Office," said Dave Bristow from the Sheriff's Office.

In the meantime the Jordans say they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.  "I don't care who you are, if you love somebody and they're dying and you can grow something in your back yard that can help them, you're going to grow it. I don't care who you are", said Robert.

Now that the case has been turned over to the State Attorney's Office, they will decide if and when to file charges.