McCurdy's, Wing House and more action on the east end of Main, Ringling

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DOWNTOWN SARASOTA, FLA   Hundreds of people were out having fun in a section of town where you usually don't see hundreds of people on a Monday night.

McCurdy's Comedy Club had a soft opening in its new location on Ringling near 301 around the corner from a new "Wing House" restaurant franchise on Main Street, also near 301.

Dayle Hoffman lives near this area of Main and is glad to hear more attention coming to this area.

"I live in the Towles Court area, and to have more things in this area is a good thing for all the stores that are around here, the business owners," Hoffman said.

Business owners may be on the receiving end of a big boost from the Downtown Improvement District.  Members of the DID are talking Tuesday about spending about $1.3 million dollars to improve the stretch of Main from Goodrich to 301.

That could include more brick intersections, better landscaping and an overall facelift.

"I think this is a section of town that needs to be looked at again and some special things done with," said Sarasota resident and magazine publisher Ed Bertha.

If the key to comedy is timing, some say so too is developing real estate.

"Hopefully with McCurdy's coming to this area, this will jump start the east end and get this going," said Sarasota resident, John Troxler.