Marbut likely to be hired as consultant on homeless situation

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SARASOTA-- Dr. Robert Marbut is likely coming to Sarasota. The renowned expert and consultant on homelessness will help the the County and it's municipalities deal with the ongoing problem relating to the homeless.

Marbut will spend 4-5 months in Sarasota and will be payed a fee of $40 thousand, according to Sarasota Deputy City Manager Marlon Brown.

"From my listening and talking to him, I think it's 40 thousand well spent," said Brown.

Earlier this month, Marbut was in town for an event with several government officials in attendance. He told them that this area's homeless problem is "near crisis."

Marbut, who lives in San Antonio, has assisted many other cities and towns around the country dealing with the same problems. He usually instructs them on plans for affordable housing and emergency shelters. David Klimut with the Suncoast Partnership to end Homelessness, says hiring Marbut is a good investment.

"He can bring a focus, as an outsider, and can help the community reach some solutions that they have not been able to get to," said Klimut.

County and City officials are also in touch with representatives from other municipalities, such as Longboat Key, Venice and North Port to see if they would be interested in chipping in for Marbut's fee.