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Hundreds oppose recycling center to be built on 16 acres at Celery Fields

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SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. - More than a hundred people packed a meeting about a Sarasota company's request to make 16 acres of land at the Celery Fields into a recycling center. 

Jeri Rosenthal, a wife and mother of three children who lives near the sight is one of many folks strongly opposed to these plans. "Our concerns are about the noise, the smell, the traffic and also how it's going to effect the wildlife and the waterways of Celery Fields," said Rosenthal.

People who live near Celery Fields say it's a popular place where residents and tourists spend lots of time, especially for the nationally recognized bird watching.  Richard Hallock has started a petition to try and put a stop to the recycling center. He has environmental concerns among many other issues.

"The property values of the area are going to dramatically go down. I think we're going to have a lot of extra traffic," said Hallock.

 When asked why they want to build at Celery Fields, the TST representative said, "This is one place where a facility like this can be located and it's contiguous to a property that I already own.'

A waste transfer facility already got the ok for that property.  As for the Celery Fields location, that's land owned by Sarasota County. 

They're still waiting on an application to be submitted from TST Ventures.  That has to be done before they can start to move ahead with the proposed recycling facility.  It's expected to go in front of the Sarasota County Planning Commission and County Commissioners in the coming months.