Manatee School Board again postpones vote on funding buses for charter schools

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MANATEE, Fla. -- For the second time this month, the Manatee County School Board has postponed voting on whether or not to continue paying for busing to some charter schools in the district.

The Superintendent says it's no quick decision.

"We're looking for $9.2 million dollars going in to this budget year, and we're looking at options," Superintendent Rick Mills said.

"Looking" at options, but not yet voting. The board must decide whether to spend over half a million dollars to fund busing to charter schools -- schools like the Manatee School for the Arts.

Angelika Robison goes to school there. She said if busing is cut to charter schools, some of the 12 hundred students effected may have to transfer.

"A lot of students wouldn't get the experience that I got which is unfair," Robison said.

Parents and others filled every seat in the school board chamber Tuesday night to hear the discussion, but the board decided to do more study and re-address the issue in a couple weeks.

"We want to have a good collaborative discussion about what the costs are for the district, and what we can work out for transportation costs, and how we can move forward best with the win win," Mills said.