Manatee County School District release its internal investigation

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SARASOTA, FL-- The Manatee County School District releasing its internal investigation into the Rod Frazier case.  The 181 page document details the accusations that district officials failed to thoroughly investigate and report claims of child abuse.  The introduction summery says "the actions and inactions of district administrators came to light which suggest the possibility of administrative negligence and or intentional misconduct."     

During the four month long investigation 30 people were questioned about their role in an internal investigation that ended in Frazier being placed on administrative leave for one day and then returning to his post as assistant football player. 

" I was shocked to hear about the top 5 administrators that are involved.  In school they teach the kids to tell right away when these situations happen and I don't know why it surfaced the way it did," said one parent.

But, many speculate that the investigation into the child abuse claims was closed because of a need to protect the Manatee High School's Football program. 

" I think a lot of things happened that was covered up along the way because of football.  It is a very important to the school and they've been champions for a long time," said another parent.

And students at the school agree.

"I think because we're so high ranked they would have protected football rather than say anything," added Sarah Wolfe.

While this current investigation is focused on how administrators responded to claims of abuse, many say the investigation should be centered solely on Frazier and his accuser.

 "Its both people who are at fault for not saying anything in the first place and both people should take blame for it," said student Hanna Hill.