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Manatee County School Board holds first meeting since dispute between members

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BRADENTON, FL (WWSB) - Tuesday was the first Manatee County School Board meeting since the board chair Dr. Scott Hopes and board member Dave Miner had a dispute over an issue at a meeting two weeks ago.  T

hat dispute spilled over into the parking lot where everything was captured on camera. Hopes claims that Miner used profanity, screamed at him and attempted to run him over.  Both remained calm Tuesday afternoon during a workshop and later at the board meeting.

"I think we accomplished what we set out to accomplish," said Hopes.  "I think we were all engaged, we had a productive dialogue and we're going to continue to work through our relationship."

Hopes did briefly address the dispute prior to public comments stating that the argument should've remained a private matter and that this should not get in the way of the work the board needs to accomplish for the people of the school district.  Luz Corcuera is a Bradenton resident who attended Tuesday's meeting.  She believes that Hopes and Miner have to resolve their issues immediately.

"People who are elected in office they need to be role models," said Corcuera. "They need to be an example for our children, I hope that they can fix their differences."

Hopes did file a complaint with the Bradenton Police Department last week regarding the alleged assault.  He tells us that he's optimistic that he and Miner can talk this through and put this incident behind them.

"I've asked that the Bradenton Police Department put everything on hold," said Hopes.  "We have a workshop next Friday, we continue to have workshops on board interactions and board processes."

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