Manatee County School Board approves new contracts, providing pay raises to district employees

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BRADENTON, Fla. - On Monday, September 9th, the Manatee County School Board (MCSB) approved new three year contracts that would provide pay increases to teachers, paraprofessionals, and a broad range of other school district employees. 

The teacher settlement between the Manatee Education Association (MEA) and the school board involves a one-to-three step pay raise structure based on experience.  Teachers eligible for a three-step raise will receive a minimum increase of $1750.  Another settlement provides a $381 raise for every paraprofessional, saving 60 jobs.  Both agreements still require final approval.

Commenting on the agreement, Manatee School District Superintendent Rick Mills says, "It is a top priority of this school district to reinvest in our employees to help restore some of the personal sacrifices during the last several years."