Manatee County deputy shoots dog that lunged at her

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MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. -- A Manatee County Sheriff's deputy says she had to shoot one of eight pit bulls that surrounded her at a home when it lunged at her.

According to the sheriff's office, just after 2pm Monday, Deputy Culbreath was called to the 3300 block of 41st Street northeast of Palmetto to assist another deputy investigating abandoned animals.

Culbreath made her way down a path to 40th Street, where she encountered 8 pit bulls that came from a nearby home.  The deputy backed off and spoke calmly to the dogs, but one lunged towards the deputy.

Culbreath says she had no choice but to shoot the dog, hitting it in the mouth.

A relative of the property owner put the other dogs back in the house.  The wounded animal was then taken by Animal Control and euthanized due to its wounds.

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