Manatee County Deputies nab a suspected organized robbery ring out of Orlando

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Manatee County, FL-Six Orlando men were arrested and charged with armed robbery over the weekend.

Additional charges of false imprisonment were placed on Kelsey Coffey and Keenan Davis, late Saturday evening. The men were suspected of committing several armed robberies of outlet malls in the Orlando area.

Law enforcement had received information that they may have been operating in Manatee County, though no specific store was mentioned. The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office increased their patrols at the Ellenton Outlet Mall.  At around closing on Saturday evening the suspects were spotted at the Ellenton Mall. The following events unfolded rapidly after spotting the suspects.

A pattern was detected that provided reasonable suspicion that a robbery may take place at an unknown store at the mall. Several back up units were called into the area in an attempt to intercept the suspects. It was suspected that two of the suspects, Coffey and Davis had entered the Nike store after hours while the others acted as lookouts, but that was not immediately confirmed. A short while later the suspects that entered the store emerged and started to walk across the parking lot while the others entered the getaway vehicle and began to drive towards the exit. The two suspects on foot were seen carrying bags and were quickly heading to meet up with the getaway vehicle.

It was decided at this time to stop the vehicle and the suspects on foot. The suspects on foot immediately fled and were apprehended after a short foot chase. The suspects in the vehicle were also apprehended and were in possession of a shotgun and a handgun.

The post investigation revealed the sequence of events that occurred inside the store prior to the suspects being stopped. At approximately 9:40 pm, the clerks at the Nike store began to exit the front door and set the alarm. Davis and Coffey then rushed the doorway and pushed them back inside the store. The male clerk was immediately struck in the head and the female clerk was physically secured, both clerks were then physically restrained with zip ties. Coffey implied he had a handgun and the clerks were directed to open the safe and an undetermined amount of cash was stolen. The cash was recovered from the bags that Coffey and Davis were carrying. The clerks did not suffer any serious injuries.