Manatee County Deputies catch man during smash and grab burglary

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MANATEE COUNTY, FL- Manatee County Deputies catch a man in the process of burglarizing a Bradenton business.

It happened early Thursday morning at Dan's Fan City at the 1800 block of Cortez Road.  According to a Sheriff's Office report, deputies were patrolling businesses along Cortez Road after a string of "Smash and Grab" burglaries were reported this week.

As on deputies scoped out shopping center he noticed a subject in the bushes outside of a business.  The deputy watched as the man then approached a business, paced back and forth outside before picking up a piece of broken curb and throwing it through the business window.

The suspect then entered the business, and the deputies surrounded the building. The suspect was ordered out of the business and arrested.  34 year old Robert Saunders is charged with burglary.