Man says Virgin Mary appears in tie dye t-shirt

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VENICE, FL. -  First there was the man who saw the image of Jesus on a corona beer box. Well now another Suncoast man is speaking out about what he believes to be the image of Jesus' mother --  the Virgin Mary -- this time on one of his home-made tie dye t-shirts.

"I have a basic idea of what the shirt's going to look like but I tell every one God does he real art work because where the shirt folds and how the dye runs is up to him and it often makes different images," said Tim Symonds.


Symonds says , the image created from the unpredictable tie dye process appears to be that of the mother of Jesus.  "When I unfolded the shirt I noticed mother Mary was in the center of one of the shirts by the heart," Symonds added.

And Symonds isn't alone.  We showed the images to Suncoast residents to get their thoughts and many of them agreed.

"I do kinda see the Virgin Mary, its right there in the middle," said Justin Brichie.

His mother Debbie also saw the image "Wow that is unbelievable, she said as she stared at the image."

"I saw it and in a split second and I knew exactly what it was.  Especially this time of year these things always show up."  added another Suncoast resident.

But not everyone saw the Virgin Mary.

"I dont know, I see Santa, maybe" said one Suncoast resident.

Still others dont believe its possible for a holy images like the Virgin Mary to appear on an every day object, like a t-shirt unless its printed. But the Senior Pastor at the Church of the Palms in Sarasota says anything is possible. 

"Im not one to judge.  God can show up in many different ways, what I think its more important is what we do with it after we've had the experience" said Pastor Stephen McConnell.

And examining the experience is exactly what Symonds says he's going to do.

"It makes me second guess some of the things I thought about Christianity over the years, for something like that comes to me. "

Symonds added that he's isn't sure what he's going to do with his Mother Mary miracle shirt yet.