Luck runs out for internet cafes

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SARASOTA--After weeks of wondering will they or won't they, gamers and employees of local internet cafes finally have an answer, and it looks like their luck is about to run out.

"Everybody's not really knowing whats going on," said Jacks Are Wild manager Robbie Morgan, "they're not sure if they should be looking for another job or you know trying to tough it out here so its kind of a delicate situation."

Last week, the Florida legislature passed bills that would shut down Florida's internet cafes. It's expected Governor Rick Scott will sign the measure this week.

"It's really scary for me," said Morgan, "I'm employed here and so is my girlfriend so we're going to both lose our income possibly."

The internet cafes have proved especially popular with senior citizens.

"You meet people, it's close to your home, and you enjoy it," said patron Margaret Csura, "you come in happy, and you leave happy."

Many say the cafes just give them something do, and they don't want to lose that freedom.

"I can see penalizing the ones that did wrong, but don't take it away from us, we're having fun," said Neil McMahon.

Morgan says he's heard that the laws will be challenged, leaving any final decision to a federal judge, and leaving patrons a little more time to keep playing their luck.