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Longboat woman says she was called over 20 times by phony IRS workers last week

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Longboat Key, FL (WWSB) - A Longboat Key woman says scammers posing as IRS agents called her over twenty times last week, trying to collect on a phony bill. 

"They said if I didn't pay, they'd put liens on our house," she said. 

Roberta Straff says she knew in the back of her mind the IRS wouldn't call, but rather relay on certified mail for any official correspondence. 

Straff said she called Longboat Key Police but was transferred to a local sheriff's line--where an operator gave her a toll-free number for the IRS in Washington, DC. 

Straff also says she called Comcast which instructed her to block the number.

'But they called from over 20 different numbers, and the maximum numbers you can block on Comcast is 20!" Straff said. 

Straff said she worries about other Senior Citizens who may be duped by this scam.