Local runners react to Boston Marathon Bombings

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SARASOTA, FL. - The news of the Boston Marathon bombings hit home with many runners here on the Suncoast, but they say it's not scaring them away from racing.

The local running community is already planning runs in remembrance of the lives lost in Boston and those who were injured, showing solidarity and strength through this tragic time.

Running the Boston Marathon is just a dream for most runners. It's not like most races where just anyone can register. You must qualify to run it, and only the best of the best make it in.

Runners we talked to today say running the Boston marathon is still a dream for them, and Monday’s bombings do not change that.

While they do admit the race will be different in years to come, they say the strength of the running community and the camaraderie will be what people remember.

“It's not going to be a marathoners last event. These people will do running events in the future and what are they going to think when they're crossing that finish line again,” says Runner Shawn Weigl.

“I train a lot of athletes and I can truly say that runners are the strongest most united community, and I think this is just going to bring more people together and I don’t' think runners will be discouraged or staying away from events. This will just pull us together even more, says Marathoner Allistair McCaw.

Tonight at Fit to Run in Sarasota, there will be a group run starting at 6:30 to show support for Boston. Runners are encouraged to either wear a race shirt or blue and yellow, which are the colors of the Boston Marathon.