Local runner returns from Boston, shares his story

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SARASOTA - More than a dozen runners from the Suncoast took part in the Boston Marathon and were witness to the chaos that took place.  One of them is orthopedic surgeon Dr. Adam Bright, and he says he was running for more than just himself.

"When I finished high school, when I finished college, and when I finished medical school, each year I was a pound or two heavier.  And, I didn't think that was good example for my patients so I started running for exercise."

And, after years of training, Dr. Bright said he became good enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

"Ten years ago there's no way I would have been able to dream of doing Boston, but it took me 5 years of constants running and training and now I'm one of the fortunate individuals to run hard enough so that I can get in each year," said Bright.

Dr. Bright set a personal record by completing the race in 3 hours and 20 minutes.  He went back to his room, got washed up, and then went to a restaurant to get something to eat.

"Right when I sat down in the restaurant they evacuated the restaurant and people were running around in shock and when I looked out the window of the restaurant it was just chaotic, " said Dr. Bright.

He was at a restaurant close to the finish line and saw everything unfold.  "There was wail of sirens going off, there were ambulances going up to the finish line," Bright added.

His entire experience had instantly changed and Bright was no longer celebrating his record time.  "There were runners who couldn't walk because they had just run a marathon walking in random directions they weren't sure which way to go, streets were being closed and there was military vehicles moving in. It was just chaotic.  And when you try to make a phone call, it said call failed," said Bright.

Dr. Bright, was not allowed to get closer to the scene and despite being sore and worn out from the 26-mile run, he had to walk another 3 miles to get out away from the incident.  An experience he says changed his life.

"Instead of being able to enjoy what's a great accomplishment for a lot of folks and enjoy fitness and passion, it turned out to be some dark memory it's tragic.

Bright says his thoughts are now with the victims.