Local Red Cross helping with donations for tornado victims

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It's sure to be a long recovery for those impacted by the tornado, but officials with the Red Cross say you can help with the relief efforts.

The Red Cross is already on the ground providing food, water, shelter, and anything else the victims of the storm may need.

Officials with the Red Cross anticipate this will be a long response and it will take the help of generous donors to see the relief efforts through from beginning to end.

Our local chapter of the Red Cross has already received a call to send two people to Oklahoma to help with relief efforts and they expect calls for more volunteers in the coming days.

Officials here say the Red Cross offices in the region of Moore, Oklahoma set up multiple shelters overnight, deployed feeding vehicles and they've sent disaster assessment teams into the community to start providing support for the victims and first responders.

But when dealing with a major catastrophe like this, the Red Cross depends on donations to provide the funding for its efforts.

“The way the Red Cross helps and the way the community can help the Red Cross out is by donating financially. There are several ways to do that. You can donate online at redcross.org and just click on donate, you can donate $10 by texting red cross to 9099, or you can donate here locally at the chapter to the Disaster Relief Effort and we'll be sure the funds get to where they're needed most,” says Megarie Van Sickel of the American Red Cross, Southwest Florida Chapter.

If you would like to make a donation click here.