Local reactions mixed to Margaret Thatcher's legacy

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SARASOTA - Reaction to the passing of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was mixed down party lines here on the Suncoast. Republicans mostly liked her while Democrats, not as much.

ABC 7 found those who lived in England during Thatcher's 11 years at 10 Downey Street had much more passionate feelings about Thatcher's legacy.

David Michael says Thatcher saved England from becoming a 3rd world country.

"We were run by the unions with absurd demands. Our rubbish wasn't collected, our dead weren't being buried and people were stunned by her resolve to get things done," he recalls.

Meantime, another David in Sarasota--who also lived in London between 1979-90--had a much different reaction.

"When she was in power and I felt what she did to the mining communities and to unions was unforgivable," he said.

Two Davids from London--with two very different reactions to Thatcher.

David Michael: "I think when the history books look back, they'll remember her great achievements."

David Coe: "She had a deleterious effect on English society, it made greed acceptable."

Thatcher is survived by her two children and grandchildren. She was 87 years old.