Local reaction to possiible gun control regulations

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SARASOTA - The latest chapter in the debate over gun rights continues.  President Obama will unveil his proposals to fight gun violence just a little more than a month after the Connecticut school massacre.  And, many on the Suncoast are reacting to the idea that the country could soon have new and stricter gun laws.

"The 2nd Amendment is our God given right," saYS gun owner Robert Gindhart.  He also says he doesn't approve of any changes to the country's gun laws.  "I don't think that the federal government has the right to change anything about the 2nd Amendment unless it goes through Congress first."

But that's exactly what President Obama could do.  He's expected to announce new gun control proposals Wednesday.  "We're thinking that they are going to try something similar, but without the same support that Bill Clinton did in the 90's, which would be some type of high cap ban or an assault weapons ban," says Brooke Misantose, the owner of Bullet Hole Sarasota.

The move comes after the President received recommendations from a task force on gun control, led by Vice President Joe Biden.  President Obama has vowed to push for legislation that would expand bans on assault weapons and certain magazine clips.  But, he needs help from Congress to do that, where support is limited.  So instead, the President is expected to outline 19 separate actions he could take without congressional approval.   One of those actions is more extensive background checks.

"I think that a tougher background check doesn't necessarily mean anything negative for the industry as a whole, I mean it means that people who wouldn't normally pass the background because of mental health back ground and I think that's a good thing," said Misantone.

But despite his support for a tougher background check, Misantone says he doesn't approve of regulations that will restrict gun ownership.  "History has proven that a government that takes away firearms from society become the tyrannical government that we don't need."

Many hope the changes will prevent mass shootings like the one in Newtown, CT, but not everyone thinks new laws will help.

"This was some whacked out kid that took his mother's guns and went in and did something that was horrible.  That would have happened no matter what the gun laws were," said Gindhart.