Local musicians voice opposition to Sarasota noise ordinance

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SARASOTA- The Suncoast is known for its vibrant arts community.  Many Sarasota musicians are speaking out against a recently passed noise ordinance.

Sarasota County Commissioners passed the ordinance that further restricts noise levels coming from local businesses.  Previously, music and entertainment venues were prohibited from exceeding a 75 decibel threshold.  Now they cannot exceed 60 decibels.

During Tuesday's Joint City-County Commission meeting, several musicians voiced their opposition.  Recording artist Twinkle Yochim tells ABC 7, "For the town to be listed in the top 10 for live music in tourist magazines, to see one man bands at a conversational level on a corner doesn't represent the musical community.  There's more than 5,000 of us."

Commissioners are taking the concern seriously- they're looking into how other communities deal with the issue and possibly find a better solution.

Meanwhile, local musicians have created a group called the "Live Music Alliance".  According to its Facebook Page, the noise ordinance has made its way to the City Commission's agenda to be discussed at an upcoming meeting.