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Local eye surgeons offering free procedures with the annual "Mission Cataract"

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - For the 25th year, surgeons at the Center for Sight in Sarasota are performing dozens of free cataract procedures at part of "Mission Cataract."

Chief Surgeon, David Shoemaker, says the entire staff looks forward to today and next Wednesday's free appointments to help those who can't afford to have their vision restored.  

"We do 'Mission Cataract' because we feel we have the responsibility to give back, and we're in the position to do that. I don't think anybody should be walking around blind or visually disabled due to a surgically correctable condition. We're here, we have the assets--so we can do it, and we do," Dr. Shoemaker said. 

Dr. Shoemaker estimates they've done 1,200 free cataract procedures over the years.  

For more information, call 941-925-2020.