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Linda Carson: Celebrating 50 years in television news

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- Tonight, there is only one Amazing Woman, and her name is Linda Carson. We are celebrating a remarkable milestone in her life Monday, which is Linda's 50th anniversary in television news.

After graduating from Mercer University and doing Coke commercials for the Bear Bryant Show, Linda's first job in television news was in her hometown of Atlanta in 1964.

Linda Carson early days

Channel 11 hired Linda to do the weather. She was among the first women to break into what was then a male-dominated business. Little did she know she was blazing a trail into TV news that other women would follow.


While the fashions and hairstyles changed during the 60's, Linda's legendary work ethic remained steady.

As a reporter, she covered the Civil Rights movement, becoming a close confidant of Coretta Scott King, who reached out to Linda in the hours after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Linda did it all in television: Weather, news, medical and consumer reporting...even covering sports. And that’s where she met the head football coach of Georgia Tech.

Bud Carson was immediately smitten with Linda, and in 1973 they married and went on to raise a combined family of four children together.

Bud's coaching career soon advanced to the NFL, where he worked in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Kansas City, New York, Cleveland and Philadelphia. "In this business, you just keep moving," Linda said.

And at each stop, local TV stations were eager to hire Linda.

In 1995, bud's semi-retirement led them to Sarasota, where Linda would bring her extensive experience to ABC 7.

We've watched her cover the biggest of stories, like on September 11th, when she was in a Sarasota classroom with President Bush when he learned of the terror attacks in New York City.

And we've laughed along with her as she became a viral sensation after a visit to the Manatee County Fair.

Linda Carson goat attack

Linda also cherishes the years here when her daughter Cathi was an ABC 7 reporter.

Linda's early bosses told her she wouldn't work past the age of 30 in television news. Well, she proved them wrong and then some. She continues to inspire us all with her tireless work ethic, her dedication and her astonishing positive attitude.

And her career is now beginning a new chapter as a talk show host. She debuts September 8th on the Suncoast View!

50 years and counting. Linda, we hope it never ends.