Lightning strikes cause small fires across the Suncoast

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SARASOTA COUNTY – Severe storms brought lightning strikes and hail across the Suncoast Monday afternoon, causing at least three fires in Sarasota County.

One was located near Mission Valley Boulevard and Laurel Road in Nokomis, coming within feet of a home there.

Another fire was east of I-75 near Knights Trail Road in the area of Gene Green Road. That one burned at least two acres.

Begona Martin sent us a photo of a small fire that started right outside her home in the Meadows, caused by lighting. Firefighters arrived quickly and contained it.

The weather which brought the danger soon helped put it out though, soaking much of the areas primed to ignite.

"The lighting struck first, but the rain caught up and it was able to contain itself. There were strikes from Port Charlotte all the way up to Sarasota.

Emergency officials say they are monitoring hot spots.