Lift Station 87 to be six thousand square feet above ground

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- It's the story of a $9 million dollar lift station project that was supposed to be mostly underground to appease neighbors. But two engineers later and a cost that may triple to as much as $27 million dollars, new plans call for an almost entirely above ground facility.

"The footprint is going to be 100 feet by 60 feet, or about 6,000 square feet, and to handle a possible Category 3 storm surge, it needs to be 46 feet," said Robert Garland, Southeast Regional Manager at McKim & Creed.

David Coe lives across the gate from proposed lift station, and he's disappointed in the new projected size.

"This seems to be so far in the other direction that we'd like to look at what they've done before they move forward," Coe said.

But the city is already debating between possible designs.

"Because it's a huge impact in our community, so why not have it look great? Reporter: The neighbors were told it wasn't going to be above ground at all? Right right, but now it's going to be and with that comes 'how do we decorate it?" said Suzanne Atwell, Sarasota City Commissioner.

No question most residents do want this to come to an end and are experiencing 'lift station fatigue,' but some say not enough to roll over about a 6 thousand square foot above-ground facility.

"This is ten times larger than we expected it to be," said Ingrid Goulder.

City Commissioners will have a series of meetings with the public to work together on a design.