Libertarian candidate getting attention in race for Governor

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SARASOTA, Fla -- In a recent poll, it wasn't just the close race between Governor Rick Scott and opponent Charlie Crist that caused a buzz. It was also the 9 percent scored by Libertarian candidate Adrian Wylllie.

ABC 7 Political Analyst Frank Alcock, Professor at New College of Florida, says that level of response makes Wyllie a factor in the race.

"In a tight election, a third party candidate that's getting more than 5 percent can certainly turn the election from one candidate to the other candidate," Professor Alcock said.

Wyllie brought his 'less government' message to our studios Thursday evening. Whylie says many voters are Libertarians at heart, they just don't realize it.

He says it comes down to one key question:

"If faced with a problem, do you think the solution would be more government or less government? And I think more people than not would answer that less government is the solution," he said.

The major candidates may wish you don't think about a third party.

In fact Wednesday while campaigning at Selby Library in Sarasota, Charlie Crist discounted any other candidates.

"Listen, Rick Scott is the opponent, he certainly seems to think I'm his. And I'm focused on him," Crist said during his stop on the Suncoast.

Wyllie is focused on all the voters going to the polls to vote on the medical marijuana referendum in Florida, and he thinks that will translate into stealing more votes from Crist.

"i'm the only candidate in the race that supports full legalization of marijuana.that is why we're seeing more support from the left since that is such a hot issue right now," he said.

Whether he takes votes from the left, or the right, Adrian Wyllie says his magic number is 34.

"I think once the people of Florida hear my message, they'll vote for me and I think we can get the 34% needed to win in this 3-way race," he said.

Wyllie said he'll be include in 2-3 televised debates, starting September 29th at the University of Florida.