Legendary coach reflects on 40 years of high school football

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BRADENTON, FLA. - Coach Paul Maechtle has walked the Southeast High School football field thousands of times in his 40-year coaching career.

"When we come out onto the football field Friday night it will be a bit little different I think.”

That is because Friday night will be Coach Maechtle’s last game before he retires in April 2014.

The Southeast Seminoles scoreboard lists the legacy Maechtle is leaving behind.

"If you look through the whole 90's thing there, when you run those district championships in a row, I think we had a string of 44 consecutive district victories."

Brett Timmons was one of Maechtle’s former players and the current head football coach for Out of Door Academy. Timmons tells ABC 7 Coach Mec’s legacy goes way beyond the football field.

"Just look at the number of guys that are coaches that coached up under him, the number of guys who are successful businessmen and successful fathers and are strong pillars in our community. A lot of that stuff goes back to what they learned in high school under coach Maechtle and the rest of his coaching staff."

Timmons believes he is one of the most successful coaches in the state.

"Based on the number of lives that he has touched and that he has changed. To me we shouldn't always focus on the win or loss records."

But Maechtle has had plenty of win in his record. He led the Noles to back-to-back state championships in ‘93 and ‘94. The 1990's is one of coach's favorite time periods.

"We were able to win 100 football games in a decade. That is a pretty rare accomplishment so you obviously must be playing more than 10 games in a season,” said Maechtle. He says he will miss the camaraderie of the game, the teaching moments on and off the field and making a difference in the lives of his players.

"When someone comes back and says, hey thanks, I'm glad that I played for you, that is the rewarding part that I will miss also."

Coach Maechtle will continue to working as Southeast High School’s athletic director until next April.