Lauren Dorsett: A look back at her time covering the Suncoast

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Lauren Dorsett is leaving the Suncoast for all the right reasons: to return home to California to be with her family and fiance. ABC 7's Scott Dennis looks back on Lauren's time here, from meeting the president, to covering the king of the high wire.

I knew when she agreed to jump out of a plane to help kick off an event at Sarasota's Payne Park, Lauren was no ordinary news anchor and that her career here was just beginning to soar.

Her daredevil ways continued when she agreed to skate with the Bradentucky Bombers, our local roller derby team. "I think I need butt pads!" She left with some bruises...and a great story.

And she would extensively cover the Suncoast's most well-known daredevil: Nik Wallenda. Lauren traveled to Niagara Falls to watch Nik pull off one of the most dramatic and heart stopping feats in recent memory. Her reports beforehand set the stage for Nik's unforgettable walk through the roar and spray of the powerful falls.

When a high wire walk across the Sarasota skyline thrilled Wallenda's Suncoast fans, Lauren anchored ABC 7's live coverage of the walk. And all of us, especially Lauren, were amazed at how calm Nik appeared, answering her questions live on the air while keeping his balance high above U.S. 41.

Lauren would be there again last June for Nik's next big walk across the Little Colorado Gorge. She gave us a first-hand account of the high winds that made this walk the most challenging of Wallenda's career.

During the 2012 Presidential election, Lauren gave us perspective on the political divide in our country by reporting live from the Republican National Convention, as the party chose a candidate to challenge President Obama.

And in the days before the election, the Obama campaign invited Lauren to interview the president. It was a rare opportunity given only to a select few reporters across the state.

A fact not lost on the Broadcasters Club of Florida, which honored Lauren with a Rising Star Award.

Lauren's accomplishments go far beyond her on-air skills. From the beginning, she embraced this community and helped countless organizations and charities. And the Suncoast embraced her back.