Last minute supply shopping punctuates back to school season

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- This is a busy time of year for students and parents. School hallways will soon be filled with anxious kids trying to find their way to their classrooms, bringing along the supplies needed for the year.

With so much to prepare for, even cosmetics are important.  At Kids Mania hair cuts in Sarasota, they have been busy.  "We had all these people come in, like sixty to seventy people come in yesterday. Today we have had about forty in the morning," said Branda Walls.

They tell ABC 7 that they normally have 10 people per day, and the recent influx required them to bring in more staff.  "We are just really busy, we had to bring in other workers here," said Walls.

With the new school year approaching, families are looking to complete their back to school shopping list.  "Just getting a couple of last minute school supplies,” said Rochelle Danach.

At Target on University Parkway, it was a one-stop shop.  "We are going grocery shopping for lunch after this, so it makes it convenient in one spot," said Danach.

And don't worry if you forget your school's supply list.

"We keep our school supply list here, so if that guest doesn’t have that list and needs to do some last minute shopping, and our team members are very well versed on smart phones so they can get that online as well," said target employee Melissa Dobies.

And so much last minute shopping translates to a lot of restocking of shelves.  "It's constant, its all day long with the influx of people that we are having and the guests that we have walking in our doors from commodities and paper to groceries to school supplies," said Dobies.

Last minute shopping encompasses all age groups.  "I need some supplies for my school right now, so I’m just out here shopping," stated Ben Cendana.

With the first day of school just around the corner, Target says that their sales are strong.